Nahda's Heritage and Culture House, "Preserving the Threads of Our Heritage, We Welcome You a Place Where Stories Weave the Tapestry of Our Past and Illuminate the Path to Our Future,"

The Heritage and Culture House is a community-wide initiative with the goal of bringing together and recording the rich oral histories of our diaspora. It serves as a moving link between our present and our past, a storehouse of memories that not only shapes our course but also firmly establishes us in our heritage and culture. We want everyone to share their cherished family stories as we earnestly compile multi-generational anecdotes and oral histories from our lively community. We reach out to people who are eager to share their family’s special journey via our Facebook page and email. Our ongoing Facebook updates provide a window into the extensive connection of our larger Arab American community, laying the groundwork for a book that will be a weaving of our common history.

Explore Nahda's legacy and Culture House, where each
tale represents a piece of our shared legacy that is just
waiting to be discovered and embraced.