"Come be a part of the heart of our community at NAHDA's Monthly Community Program. It's a lively gathering where familiar and new faces come together for connection, inspiration, and knowledge."

The NAHDA Monthly Community Program is a reflection of harmony and understanding rather than merely an event. Community members gather each month in a friendly setting to introduce themselves, learn, and share experiences. It’s a chance for newcomers to get to know the community and for everyone to ask for direction and help in a friendly environment. Delicious dinners are enjoyed as the evening progresses, and exciting entertainment with heartwarming nasheed performances creates a festive atmosphere. Inspirational talks nurture the mind and soul, enabling participants to use newly acquired knowledge in their activities. The goal of this effort is to unlock each person’s potential through energizing the community, integrating residents with their surroundings, and encouraging active participation in volunteer work.

Come join NAHDA's Monthly Community Program, where
inspiration soars and unity flourishes, to forge vital relationships.