“Join us as we celebrate marriage for Allah's sake at
NAHDA Center, where each union is a moment of pure
joy and heavenly connection.”

Our Marriage Ceremony service is proof of the continuing strength of love for Allah’s sake. We provide a seamless and fulfilling marriage experience under the direction of our experienced and registered resident imam. Our imams make sure you’re at ease at every stage by providing instructions on what to do and answering your questions. At NAHDA Center, 150 couples officially exchanged promises in 2020, and we want to welcome many more couples who express their love in the name of Allah. Your contribution not only helps preserve this valued custom but also deepens the links of love and religion in the communities we serve.

Benefits We Provide:

Spiritual Guidance
And Blessings:

To ensure that the union is blessed in the sight of Allah our experienced and certified resident imam offers spiritual guidance and blessings.


Impact We Made

NAHDA hosted 190+ Marriage
Ceremonies in the year 2022

Our qualified and experienced Imams are always available to make your bond way more beautiful under the guidance and teaching of Islam.

Hundreds of happy

Our marriage ceremony service has repeatedly brought happiness to hearts, transforming exceptional moments into memories that endure a lifetime.

Personalized Service At
Every Step

NAHDA customizes each ceremony to your values and preferences, and we create an environment that reflects your relationship’s tale and makes your wedding day as unique as your relationship under the dua’s of your loved ones and the blessings of ALLAH.