NAHDA's Faith Services
promotes Spirituality and

NAHDA offers a warm environment to community members and motivates them to turn to Allah At NAHDA Center, spirituality flourishes in our warm and safe environment. Five daily prayers, which provide a sense of serenity and a connection to the divine, are the foundation of our faith, and we invite our community to participate. Join us in this reverent act of worship as we are surrounded by a friendly atmosphere. In addition to the daily prayers, our community comes together for three enlightening Friday prayers, during which wise discourses inspire and teach, fostering the spiritual development of all in attendance. We get together to perform Taraweeh prayers during the holy month of Ramadan, strengthening our ties to the divine and our devotion. The goal of NAHDA Center’s faith services is to create an inclusive community that is firmly anchored in faith, respect, and harmony.

Benefits We Provide:

Spiritual Nourishment:

Regular prayer sessions, such as the five daily prayers and Friday prayers, provide spiritual
nutrition and a deeper connection to faith, which helps people feel more fulfilled and

Impact We Made

Enhancement of Community Spirit

The Faith Services provided by NAHDA have promoted a sense of belonging among its members, boosting their spirituality and unity.

Connected Thousands of Individuals

Through its Faith Services, NAHDA has helped thousands of people grow spiritually and feel more at peace and connected with Deen.

Unity in Worship

Our community’s gatherings for Taraweeh during Ramadan and Friday prayers have promoted unity and strengthened our dedication.